Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kazima Lament: Beeru no Mori pt.4

Circa, 10 years after the war
Name: Zeff Kazima/ Hatsumi Kimura/
Age: 23/18
Location:  Beeru no Mori pt.4

Hatsumi’s face forms up from a pool of ink on the side of a tree. “Zeff-Sama let me help you. You’re using too much of your Blood.”
“Hatsumi, stay hidden. Remain where you can’t be seen you need to focus on getting the message delivered.” Zeff clenches his hands together and lets out a small noise of pain as the Ketsueki symbol starts to reveal itself. The symbol burning on the surface of his neck as blood starts to seep out.
“Stop treating me like a child, you yourself said I can take care of myself. So let me help.” Hatsumi huffs and crosses her arms as they form in ink form.
Zeff clasps a hand to his neck as he looks down at the ground. Blood continues to fall from the sky onto the forest as blood droplets fall from in between his fingers.

“Oi, do as you wish.” Zeff slides his other hand into the inside of his top pulling out a vial of dark red liquid. Hatsumi nodded before her ink form dropped to the ground in a pool. Her body reformed slowly from within the pool.
Zeff stands back up as a hiss releases from the vial as he pulls the top off before drinking the contents and resting against a tree trunk. The Ketsueki symbol starts to fade as the burning subsides.
“You know Zeff-Sama; you can’t use any Ketsueki moves for a time. Will you be okay?”
Zeff glances at Hatsumi. “I was the one who taught you that. Besides I have plenty of energy. I’ll be fine, just start…”
Hatsumi nods her smiling head before holding up her hand to her mouth to start whistling. A swirl of wind and energy whirl around her getting faster and taller until reaching the skies as her song continues. The clouds above start to unleash water alongside its tears of blood as the storm picks up and the falling tears start to pour.
Flames everywhere dance and wane as the clouds double their down pours. Smoke rises above as the flames smother. After a minute the wind and visible energy wrapped around Hatsumi flows into the sky slower before dissipating. Ink around Hatsumi recedes and the bandages reappear over her.
“Master the flames are put out. So now the enemy fire user will remain hidden.”
“Yes, Hatsumi. The fire user will hide or he/she will die as our allies will pinpoint their location. For us however we must reach Tenzo-sama, let’s hurry.”
Zeff grabs Hatsumi’s hand and begins to run off. Hatsumi starts to run before she gets dragged along.

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