Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kazima Lament: Beeru no Mori pt.3

Circa, 10 years after the war
Name: Yumena Taka/Tenzo Hoga/Haro Tani/Megumi Kishi/ Misao Hoga
                Age:  29/??/26/23/23
Location:  Beeru no Mori pt.3

Why does she just stand there out in the open? “Yumena-Sama!”  One of the Taka Ninja’s rushes headlong intercepting an enemy ninja by stabbing it in the back with a kunai before jumping closer to Yumena. “Yumena-Sama?” The Taka ninja continues to run towards Yumena who stands clearly in an opening of the forest.
“Stop!” Yumena catches the ninja by the shoulder freezing him in his spot from behind.
“Yu-Yumena-Sama?” The ninja struggles to move as Yumena pulls him back a bit.
“You were caught in my gen-jutsu (Illusion) as well.” Yumena removes her hand as he starts to stretch his muscles as she points the direction she saved him from,
“I was?”

“Look again.”
The ninja turns his head back to his front to see a patchwork of spears situated where the illusion Yumena was. The spears point at various directions and heights some with a few dead enemy ninjas impaled upon. The ninja takes another step back before turning towards Yumena.
“Your illusions are terrifying to be hold.”
“Why thank you but that is nothing, mere play. Any news to report?”
“Yes, certainly dire Yumena-Sama, we are completely cut off from Takane village despite being so nearby. The flames that are dividing us from the Sunaomo forces under Tenzo is also keeping us from Takane. And the flames move so-“
“So unnatural because they are being controlled…and my little brother is making a move.” Yumena brushes some of her bangs out of her face.
 “Yes, the Kazima seem to be making it rain…blood in an effort to snuff out the flames, we think.”
“It seems my little Brother is indeed trying to put out the flames here, yet we don’t know his ultimate motive or if he is even on our side at all. Use caution when he appears is that understood?”
“Understood.” The ninja bows and then disappears in a flash.

“Oh? Zeff has caught up.” Tenzo leaps behind a wall of mud to avoid some thrown kunai’s.
Megumi forms seals as more mud walls form up out of the ground blocking the flames and onslaught of kunai’s. “Has Zeff-san really come?”
 ’Sis’ do you know anyone else that can make the sky cry tears of blood?” The Sunaomo ninja said before dodging a kunai as it passed through her flowing dark purple hair.
“Tears of blood?” Megumi looks up before several blood drops land on her face. “Good point ‘Sis’” Megumi wipes her face cleans before another round of forming seals. More mud walls form up out of the ground making a make shift dune of mud.
Tenzo looks to the female ninja next to Megumi. “Misao, Megumi has here covered and soon we’ll have a fortified area for injured. I need you to get into contact with Yumena of the Taka.” Tenzo points off to the ‘West’.
“I see the enemy is moving us further away from Takane… Understood Grandfather.” Misao unsheathes one of her several swords before running and disappearing. Megumi encloses the remaining ninja’s with the mud walls.
“Tenzo-Sama, the mud walls are complete... I” Megumi slumps down against a wall breathing harder.
“Megumi, rest up while we have the chance. Haro how are we holding up?”
Haro bows. “Sir, we have taken less than 10% causalities. It seems that most of the wounds have been non-fatal. In other words.”
“The enemy is trying to contain, and keep us separate from Takane and the Taka’s or is it to keep us from escaping?”
“Tenzo-Sama, your guess is as good as any of ours. They haven’t pressed the attack despite having us trapped and out of the way.” Haro presses a finger to his glasses pushing them up.
Tenzo brushed his cheek. “Maybe they are trying to conserve energy because of the appearance of Zeff.”
“Zeff and his Kazima, sir?” Haro bites a fingernail while thinking.
“More like Zeff and his little messenger…” Megumi continues to breathe harder but stands up off from the wall.
“You are an outsider to Zeff’s clan… however Megumi all of them are deadly. Even the cute ones.” Tenzo brushes his cheek again.
“I see Tenzo-Sama…”  Pervert…

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